3 Things to Know Before Proposing

About to pop THE question?

It’s a big step and from this point on, everything about your relationship and your lives together are going to change, so… you’re going to need to think this proposal through…

I was discussing proposals with one of my recent wedding clients… let’s call him Jack.

Now, Jack put a lot of time and effort into his proposal, I mean A LOT! It was a massive event, hugely public, very unique and unusual (but that’s all I can tell you, because if I say any more you’re going to realise that his name isn’t infact Jack 😉)

I asked Jack, whether he had any concerns that his lovely fiancée might not say yes? Jack looked very serious and said “Before I proposed, there were three questions I asked myself before planning the proposal.  If I wasn’t sure about any of the answers, I definitely wouldn’t have done it the way I did… or probably at all to be fair.”

So, in Jack’s own words, here are those key questions:

Do you know what the answer is going to be?

Sounds obvious, but if you haven’t discussed marriage, your views on it per se, and your plans for the future, maybe jumping into a proposal isn’t wise!

How does your partner feel about public proposals?

You might love (or hate) the idea, but will your other half? How well do you actually know them? Not everyone wants to be the centre of attention and if you get this wrong, you might not be forgiven for it!

Is your partner traditional?

Numerous wedding traditions are considered out-dated and just don’t fit into today’s society.  What are your partner ‘s views? Would they want you to ask their father’s permission? Would they expect you to get down on one knee? Actually do they expect you to be the one to propose?

So many considerations! But before making any move, it is essential to check if your partner likes them. Definitely think it through first or you might both be in for a shock!

However you decide to propose – good luck and please share those stories with us, we love a good proposal story here!

Thanks too, to Jack for your awesome advice! 😊

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