5 Astonishing Alternatives to Traditional Bridal Gowns

I am delighted to have Lesly White from  The Best Wedding Dresses guest blogging for me here and I’m absolutely loving her fabulous alternatives to the traditional wedding gown, so read on to find out more and don’t forget to let me know which one is your favourite. Got to say, I’m allll over the jumpsuit right now! But then pockets in dresses…. ooh?!

Over to you Lesly…

Are you one of those brides who have never dreamt about having a classic big white wedding gown? Actually, if you plan to go far away from wedding traditions and have a unique outfit for your special day, we will be happy to provide you with some inspirational ideas.

Let’s have a look at 5 astonishing alternatives to classic wedding gowns, which look not worse than their traditional counterparts.

Casual Wedding Dresses

Casual dresses for wedding, the cool ideas of which you can find here, are pretty widespread today. They are suitable for low-key ceremonies as well as destination, beach and other outdoor weddings. Moreover, they are available in a huge number of designs. For example, it can be a simple lace sheath gown or the chiffon one in Greek style. As a rule, casual dresses don’t feature much embellishment, but you are free to enhance them with a beautiful sash or unique accessories.

Two-Piece Wedding Outfits

Two-piece wedding outfits, consisting of a skirt and a top, are a cool and very trendy alternative to a wedding gown. There are many possible combinations. For instance, it looks beautiful when a lace top is combined with a tulle or satin skirt. Or, both upper and lower parts of the outfit can be of identical fabrics. The skirt designs may be different: it can be tight-fitting as well as a fluffy one, like a tutu skirt. Moreover, it’s not obligatory to wear a long skirt. Knee and tea-length skirts also look gorgeous.

Short Wedding Dresses

Many modern brides give preference to short bridal gowns thanks to their convenience and universality. At the same time, top wedding dress designers offer a wide range of cool short bridal dresses in various silhouettes and styles. They can even be as luxurious as long ones. You are free to have a tea-length, knee-length or mini wedding dress. It can be a minimalist satin gown as well as the one covered with beaded lace. Actually, there are short gowns to any taste. Moreover, you can achieve a more traditional look by opting for a high-low wedding dress. Or, a cool idea is to have a short dress with a long detachable skirt.

Wedding Dresses with High Slits

Have you always dreamt about being a sexy bride? Don’t hesitate to go with a wedding gown featuring a high slit. Though the gown length remains traditionally long, a slit will add piquancy to your bridal look. A dress may have a slit revealing one leg as well as the one located in the front. Moreover, if you aren’t eager to reveal too much, opt for a dress with a slit which goes a bit above the knee.

Pantsuits and Jumpsuits

If you don’t want to follow the wedding traditions at all and have no desire to wear a dress, the way out is to have a wedding pantsuit or a jumpsuit. The good news is that today, they are the hottest trends and wedding designers offer a wide range of various pantsuits and jumpsuits. It can be something minimalist as well as an outfit featuring lace and beading. Moreover, it can be not only a long suit but also the one with shorts.

So, we hope that you have drawn inspiration from the mentioned above ideas and already know what dress you want for your unconventional wedding. Don’t be afraid of experiments and choose the attire you really like and feel comfortable in.