A guide to gifting jewellery to your bridal party

Your bridesmaids are going to be a big part of your wedding and, while they will feel honoured to have been asked, you might also want to show your appreciation to them, for being a part of your big day. Here, June Neocleous from contemporary jewellery retailer Gift and Wrap shares her top tips for choose the perfect jewellery for your bridal party…

Planning your wedding can be an exciting yet stressful time, with new considerations cropping up every other day. And, while you might be well on your way to having everything sorted, it’s important that you remember to thank your bridal party for their support. Made up of your nearest and dearest, your bridesmaids will do everything they can to make your big day run smoothly, so why not show your appreciation with a sentimental gift?

Memorable gifts can mean a multitude of things to different people, but you can never go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewellery to really show them how much they mean to you. Here, I will be sharing my top tips so you can ensure you pick a piece they will love and treasure forever.

Pick pieces to suit the dresses

The bridesmaids dresses you choose can directly influence the jewellery you pick, so it’s important that you settle on their outfit before you begin planning smaller touches. Their dresses can dictate a number of your decisions, including whether you just get a singular piece of jewellery or a set, as well as what colour the pieces should be — whether that be the metal or any gemstones you choose to include.

If their outfits have any embellishments, like pearls or crystals, this could be a great opportunity to match their jewellery to these. If the embellishments on the dresses are more colourful, you could pick specific colours out of these to match with the gemstones you pick, or simply use them as a guide to decide whether you should pick gold, silver, or platinum styles.

You might also want to take the style of the dress into account. If your bridesmaids’ dresses are high-necked, a necklace isn’t likely to stand out and may look too busy, so why not focus on smaller details like rings, bracelets, or bangles? Additionally, knowing how they might have their hair can help you decide whether you can gift them with some beautiful earrings that will add some extra sparkle to your big day.

Consider their individual style

While gifting your bridesmaids with a piece that will complement their dress is a great way of thinking about the jewellery you pick, it’s also important to consider getting things they could wear again. This means it will be a good idea to think about the style of each individual member of your bridal party.

If they prefer statement pieces, stunning drop earrings or a standout necklace could make a great gift that they will love wearing, while those with more of an understated style may prefer birthstone rings or tennis bracelets that will never go out of style.

While their dresses are sure to be similar, having different pieces of jewellery will add some variation and let your bridesmaids show off their individual personalities, too.

Think about their lifestyle

While aesthetics will be at the top of your priority list for finding the perfect jewellery to gift, you should also think about whether you want to get them something they can wear often. If you do, then you should consider which pieces will suit their lifestyle. For example, if your bridesmaids work in corporate offices, it’s likely that they won’t be able to wear chunky, statement jewellery every day, but smaller pendants and plain rings wouldn’t look out of place.

You might also want to think about what they do in their spare time, particularly if they are avid sports players. This can help you to decide which metals and designs you should go with. Gold, and platinum are durable choices that will stand up to daily wear and tear, while plain jewellery styles won’t get caught on anything or be damaged as easily.

Add a personal touch

As well as picking pieces that will suit their individual style, you can add extra-special touches to your bridesmaids’ jewellery by adding accessories to your pieces that will remind them of your friendship and the special day they spent with you.

This could be something as simple as getting a locket pendant to go with the beautiful necklace you’ve picked out for them, that they could fill with photos from the big day. Or, a meaningful charm that signifies your friendship and can be put on their bracelet.

Jewellery is a great sentimental gift to give, especially to those who have helped to make your big day so special. So, if you’re considering treating your bridal party to some beautiful pieces, make sure you follow my top tips to get something they will love and cherish forever.