Wedding Trends for 2019

I am delighted to have been asked to guest blog over the coming months for the online wedding venue search site, offering the UK’s largest list of wedding venues, designed to help you to find, view and book your dream wedding The first of my guest blog posts for them, focuses on the top 7 wedding trends of 2019 and looks at … Read More

Choosing your wedding music

Wedding playlist | wedding music | Zoe Binning

Today, we’re talking wedding music!  It starts when everyone is taking their seats for the ceremony, but it definitely doesn’t stop there; there’s the entrance music (the processional), the signing of the register, possibly a few hymns, the couple’s exit (the recessional), background music during the drinks reception and the wedding breakfast, music during the comfort break and of course, … Read More

The first 3 things most brides think about for their wedding day…

When you first get engaged and think about everything you need to do, to plan your wedding day, what are the first things that you usually start thinking about, before all else? As a wedding planner, when I sit down with prospective clients, one of the questions I ask them is “what planning have you done to date” and I … Read More

Choosing Your Bridesmaids Dresses: Colours, Styles & Costs

When it comes to choosing bridesmaid dresses for your wedding, there are often lots of questions around who should choose the style, who should cover costs and how to keep everyone happy. Obviously, you want everyone to have a fantastic time on your big day, meaning selecting bridesmaid dresses presents a careful balancing act between your wedding vision and keeping … Read More

Top tips for choosing your wedding ring

So, we all know that planning your wedding can be, well, just a little bit intense!  Every time you speak to anyone you realise there’s yet another thing you need to think about! Some of the things are major, like the venue and some, not so much, like the table favours…. But some decisions live on, well beyond your wedding … Read More

What do couples ask wedding venues before they even visit?

Image by Kate Adams Photgoraphy & Hazel Hannant Photography

The six top questions couples need answers to, before viewing a wedding venue… When prospective clients contact a wedding venue, there are six key questions that are always on their list, regardless of their style, theme or budget. It doesn’t matter what you think your venue’s key features or selling points are – if they’re not important to the couple … Read More

Alys & Johan’s Midsummer Wedding

One of the loveliest elements of my job is being asked to do a wedding for a family I have previously assisted.  It’s wonderful to catch up with the family again and the wedding feels like a meet-up of old friends. Alys and Johan’s wedding was just one of those occasions.  Three years previously, Alys’ older sister Bethan was married … Read More

Wedding Reception Decor Ideas for Winter

Not everyone loves the idea of a summer celebration… During the colder months, a wedding can be an extra magical event, something of a fairytale with snowy scenes and regal décor. Here are a few ideas for decorating a reception for your winter wedding.  Some are simple and traditional; some are a little more festive: but all of them are … Read More

How to Choose a Wedding Venue

When you first get engaged, there are so many things to consider. Partly because the thought of planning your wedding can be really intense and also because you’ve probably got a million and one ideas running through your head right now. However, when it comes to planning your big day, where you choose to get married is one of the … Read More

Your Wedding is a Great Chance to Bond With Your Girlfriends – Here’s How!

Your wedding is primarily of course a celebration of the love between you and your partner and is an incredibly special and legally binding commitment. But while it’s about you as a couple, it’s also a great opportunity to bring your loved ones together, in particular your best girly friends. When it comes to details like your dress, your hair, … Read More