Getting Married Abroad

If you’re looking to tie the knot overseas to guarantee clear blue skies, sandy beaches and beautiful sunshine, then this infograph from Sainsbury’s Money Matters tells you everything you need to know!  Have a read and make sure you don’t leave anything to chance…

How to Pull Off a Tropical Wedding Vibe

Planning a wedding is definitely a lot of fun, but it can also seem a bit stressful when you’re working so hard to ensure everything is just right. While this doesn’t mean that every single detail of your wedding has to go 100% the right way (saying the wrong words, or dropping the rings always gets a giggle and gives … Read More

How To Plan A Beautiful Budget Wedding

Weddings are no doubt expensive things to organise and plan, but that doesn’t mean you have to put yourself in financial difficulty just to ensure everyone enjoys your special day – after all, you have to remember that this is you and your partner’s day first and foremost, so instead of trying to stretch yourself in order to make everyone … Read More

Settling Those Incredible Wedding Nerves For Good

Pexels You might have read the title of this article and thought ‘OK, so how is that even possible? How on earth am I supposed to stop stressing and worrying about the wedding day, especially the week or the night before it happens?’ Well, that’s a good point you raise! To begin with, it’s important to say that you’re never … Read More

Planning a Magical Winter Wedding

Most people plan a wedding for the summer when it comes time to taking that step in their relationship. They hope for sunshine, they picture their photos being taken on sunny days, they relish the idea of not needing to worry about rain, or being cold. They plan outdoor entertainment and they make the most of the good weather with … Read More

Lisa and Adam’s day of pretty much constant laughter!

How many blog posts have I started with the words “…one of the reasons I love my job is…”? The simple fact of the matter is, I do love my job!  It literally has to be the best job in the world. I get to spend time with lovely couples planning the happiest day of their lives, getting involved in … Read More

Sophie & Sean’s Pineapples & Skulls

Every so often I get to work on a truly unique and individual event and as soon as I started discussing Sophie and Sean’s wedding plans with them, I knew this was definitely going to be that! Skulls, pineapples, flamingos, a Cadillac, an abundance of tattoos and a huge dose of pink. Combine that with considerable amounts of music, cocktails, … Read More

Styling Your Wedding Venue

When you’re looking to style a venue for your wedding, it’s always worth trying to complement the look of the venue itself.  You’re not going to create a ‘rustic, natural outdoors’ look in a hotel with heavy carpeting and drapes or pull off ‘industrial chic’ in a stately home or castle.  Well not without spending megabucks anyway! The first thing … Read More

Featured on BBC News… Will British Brides Be Influenced by Meghan

Ooh well this week has been very exciting with lots going on in the world of Weddings by Zoë! As well as being right in the middle of another fabulous and crazy wedding season, we’ve launched a new arm to the business – with our party planning service by our sister company Serayah Events and have also been featured on … Read More

New Party Planning Service from Serayah Events

We are super delighted to announce (feature drumroll and a suitably grand fanfare!!!) that our sister company Serayah Events Ltd. has newly launched a party planning service! We have always offered party and corporate event planning alongside our wedding organising, however up until now, we’ve just not really shouted about it…. however, all that is about to change. Woohoo!!!! I’ve … Read More