The Icing on the Cake: Series 2 Episode 14 – Wedding in a Winter Wonderland

Welcome to Episode 14 of The Icing on the Cake – a podcast all about wedding trends and inspiration and this week, iiiiiiiiiittttttt’s Christmas!!!! OK, you might be in mid February or the height of summer (ahem!), but that doesn’t mean you’re not considering a winter wedding! So, think snowflakes, mulled wine and Christmas trees…. We’ll be hearing from the … Read More

The Icing on the Cake: Series 2 Episode 13 – Peony Lim

Welcome to Episode 13 of The Icing on the Cake – a podcast all about wedding trends and inspiration. And this week we’re going to be taking inspiration from slightly further afield, the world of fashion blogging. Peony Lim is a model, stylist, creative brand consultant and world renowned blogger. She joined me to talk about the way the wedding … Read More

The Icing on the Cake: Series 2 Episode 12 – Sparkle Like Markle

Hello! And welcome to series two of The Icing on the Cake: Wedding Planning Podcast. Series one was all about planning your own wedding, series two is going to take your wedding planning journey one step further. This series is all about inspiring your wedding planning, looking at what’s round the corner, what’s inspiring us in the world of fashion … Read More

The Social Media Guide to Your Wedding!

Do you know how much social media can both help and hinder your wedding planning, as well as the wedding day itself?! Social media is taking over the world and our lives. Walk down the street and 9/10 people will have a phone in their hand. We have a compulsion to share what we are doing, every moment of every … Read More

Learn to speak wedding!

Some of you may not be aware, but I am actually fluent in two languages (and double the languages equals double the reason for talking 😉) and these are: English and Wedding. The world of weddings is an immensely exciting, super busy, and truly fun one to be in… if you know what you’re talking about and don’t need to … Read More

Raise a glass to the happy couple!

  Becci & Mike’s Wedding | Image by Martin Phillips This month we’re talking speeches! Well, you’re doing the talking… I’m providing the low-down and my top do’s and don’ts! As with many elements of a modern wedding, lots of couples are choosing to break away from tradition and create a day that’s truly unique to them. Wedding speeches are … Read More

Episode 1.11 Shownotes: The One Thing I’d Do Differently

So we’ve come to the end of series one of my Icing on the Cake wedding planning podcasts and in episode 1.11 we’re reflecting on the advice of those who have already been there and done that. You can subscribe to the series on iTunes on  TuneIn or on Stitcher or listen to this episode here: Listen to “The Icing on the … Read More

Episode 1.10 Shownotes: If music be the food of love…!

We’ve nearly covered everything you need to initially consider, when planning your wedding day, but before this series draws to a close, I need to tell you about one of the major elements that we haven’t yet touched upon…. Your music!   You can subscribe to the series on iTunes on TuneIn or on Stitcher or listen to this episode … Read More