Remember whose day it is – unplugged weddings

Image credit: The Knot

OK, so I’m going to warn you, I’m going to have a little rant here.  I have many weddingy pet hates, but my main one, to top all others, is those spoilers before the couple and guests even get to the wedding!

What am I talking about? Well, when a wedding supplier has set up the cake or the flowers, the chairs or any other décor and then takes a photo and shares it on social media before the wedding has even begun.

To me, setting up a wedding on behalf of your client is all about the ‘big reveal’.  It’s that wow moment, those special few seconds when everything you’ve worked so hard on and deliberated over, planned and re-planned, for months and even years, all comes together.

There’s nothing more special for me than to see the newly weds walk into the room that I’ve spent hours creating for them to make it perfect – and then they scan the room looking amazed, delighted and totally in awe. That look they give when they realise that their vision has been understood and made real just for them – often when they couldn’t even quite picture how it would look themselves.

Image by Simon Gough

Put yourselves in their position. Imagine that dream moment….

And now imagine, that before they had even got to the venue and walked into that room, they (and some of their guests) had already seen images of their ceremony or reception room because the supplier has already shared it with their followers on Facebook or Instagram?  Talk about bursting their bubble.  It makes me so upset and on more than one occasion, I’ve asked suppliers to take down a picture until the wedding is over and the couple and their guests have arrived and seen it in the flesh (and that includes the evening guests!)

As far as I am concerned those images shouldn’t be shared until all the guests have arrived at the very earliest, ideally it would be the morning after. I genuinely believe it’s incredibly bad practice to do so beforehand.

So, if you’re booking your wedding suppliers, you are perfectly within your rights to ask them not to share any images until the following day.

In fact, you may even want to go further and have an #unplugged wedding by asking your guests to refrain from taking photos too…  I think this quote says it perfectly:

“There’s a girl here taking pictures. We asked her to come.
So please rest your cameras. Our ceremony needs only one.”