The Social Media Guide to Your Wedding!

Do you know how much social media can both help and hinder your wedding planning, as well as the wedding day itself?!

Photo by Rachel Lambert, South Wales Photographer

Social media is taking over the world and our lives. Walk down the street and 9/10 people will have a phone in their hand. We have a compulsion to share what we are doing, every moment of every day with friends and family. So why not use this to your advantage?

There are plenty of tips to make you get the best out of social media and not let it take over your big day!

  • Invites: It’s becoming more and more popular recently to scrap written invites to weddings. Mail is slow, impractical, unreliable and at times can be pricey. One way, would be to create a private event on Facebook for your wedding and invite all your guests to the group. Granted some of your guest list may not be on social media so sending those individuals a mail invite is best, but your list should be considerably lower. By doing this, it allows your guests to RSVP at the touch of a button. It is easier and more convenient for them, as I promise they’ll already be on Facebook 3-10000000 times a day; whereas finding time to remember to go to a post-box might just slip their memory!

For more stationery advice, listen to the podcast episode where it discusses ideas and options and touches on social media also.

  • Inspiration: Social media can be the perfect source for you to find inspiration for planning your wedding; whether it’s themes, dresses, favours or rings, there is a social media outlet for them all! Also, many big brands are on social media and following them just might lead to early notice of sales or special offers. You never know you might find the dress of your dreams on an Instagram post.


  • The Hashtag: Creating a hashtag is a great way to keep track of any photos of your big day that are posted online. Make sure to choose something unique and memorable so the guests can remember it such as; #StaceysBigDay2017 or #MarkAndGillsWedding. A good idea could be to write your chosen hashtag on the table place names or even with the wedding favours.


  • Rules: Make sure to let guests know the rules and how you feel about the use of social media on your big day. Don’t let anyone or even yourself spoil any surprises, like your bridesmaid posting a photo of you in your wedding dress before you’ve even walked down the aisle! Lastly, give a rule to yourself: don’t be on your phone all day! Turn it off or leave it at home. Don’t let anything distract you on your wedding day. You just don’t want to see a bride with a phone in front of her face all day!


  • Pictures: If you’re okay with it, we would recommend encouraging your guests to take as many pictures as possible. This is the perfect way to capture every moment of your wedding, even the parts you might not get to see. You never know, one guest might capture that perfect candid shot that’ll sit on your mantelpiece for years to come. However, this doesn’t mean you should save your pennies and get rid of your photographer. Wedding photographers know exactly how to capture the best moments of your wedding; and don’t forget some of your guests might be getting a little too tipsy throughout the day to be responsible for taking photos! (Refer to podcast episode on photography here – where these points are discussed) Lastly, tell guests not to ask for you to constantly pose for one of their photos. This is the best saved job for the photographer and anyway candid shots are always better.


  • Snapchat: This app has recently created an update where you can design your own snapchat story and invite certain people – e.g. your guests – to see it and to post their own snaps of your big day.

Well that’s it! All my top tips on using social media to your advantage for planning your wedding.

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Happy Planning x