When Planning A Wedding, Sometimes Less Is More

The list of “must haves” for modern weddings grows all the time. Not only do you need a cake, a dress, a ring and a venue, but also a whole host of other accessories that were never a part of weddings in your parent’s time!

We’ve seen a kind of consumer “creep” into the world of weddings, where things that were once peripheral are now deemed essential.

Photo by James Coleman

Of course, the knock-on effect of all of this, is to make planning and organising a wedding a lot more complicated. It’s not enough to simply liaise with the wedding photographer and speak to staff at the venue about your timetable – you now need to consider a whole host of other factors that wouldn’t have featured in weddings ten years ago!

When you ask people who are already married what they remember about their wedding day, it’s rarely all of the additional props. What matters is the celebration, the fun, the laughter, probably the food and the music and the fact that everyone could be together for the special day.

Once you’ve captured those memories in photos, there’s very little else that you will take away with you from the day!


Weddings Aren’t Better If You Do More

Many couples-to-be believe that the more they do for their wedding, the better it will be. Everything has to be perfect, and if it’s not, it can become a source of significant panic and upset. For some couples, the planning process can become all consuming. Suffice to say, this can often lead to huge amounts of stress for the couple and their family and friends.

There’s also the time element as well. Weddings usually only last a day. But if you try to pack in everything, then you risk rushing things and ultimately missing so much that you carefully planned for.

Ideally, you want your wedding day to be special and also relaxed. You want to be able to go with the flow and enjoy the experience.  Your wedding day should be about you after all, not about cramming in as much stuff as possible!

Photo by Mel Durham

Guests Don’t Want All That Much

Couples getting married, often feel that they need to cater to their guests’ every need and want and appeal to every one of their senses at the same time.  But to be honest, when I talk to wedding guests,  it turns out that what most people attending your wedding want, is to watch you get married, catch up with friends and family and enjoy amazing food and have a few drink.  They probably haven’t even noticed all of the other elements that took you’re your life in the months leading up to the day! Many of the other extravagances are, genuinely surplus to requirement.

Guests probably won’t even be aware that certain “must have” elements of your wedding are missing. Unlike you, they’re invariably not clued up in the latest wedding trends, so if you don’t have everything matching and exactly as you’d dreamed of, they almost certainly won’t notice.  And on the day… neither will you!

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov

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