All you need to know for a marquee wedding!

Marquee weddings have become hugely popular over the years and with the temptation of having a completely blank canvas to work with, it’s no wonder couples
are moving away from tradition to unleash their creativity and create a totally unique day.

There are lots of benefits to having a marquee wedding, including:

  1. Being able to choose the exact location of your venue – it could be a location that’s special to you, whether it’s somewhere you’ve been on holiday
    or a link to a special childhood memory
  2. Your marquee will be designed and built especially for you making it the most unique option for your special day
  3. The view! Being able to make the most of spectacular views and scenery
  4. Fewer restrictions on guest numbers
  5. You can choose your own caterer and finish time! No pumpkins for carriages here!

So what about the style of your marquee? Check out the most popular types of marquees below and their plus points!


Clear Span Marquees

Clear-span marquee by County Marquees | Images by Kate Adams PhotographyHazel Hannant Photography.

Plus points:

  • No central pole allowing for an unobstructed view inside (ideal for wedding speeches!)
  • Winter stability – able to cope with high winds
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Easy to divide into sections
  • No guy ropes – because we’ve all tripped over them!


Traditional Marquees

Image via Buster Marquees

Image via Grays Marquees

Plus points:

  • Elegant and romantic swooping effect creating an English garden party feel
  • Do not require huge amounts of space
  • Supporting poles inside allow for pretty decorations, ribbons, or lights


 Capri Marquees

Images via Lex Marquee Hire

Plus points:

  • Eye-catching and unusual design
  • Several of these can be zipped together with canvas sides, windows, or open sides
  • Large capacity


Chinese Hat Marquees

Marquee by Inside Outside Marquees | Image via Purely Events

Marquee by Alpine Marquees | Image by Adrian Thomas

Plus points:

  • Small to medium size for a more intimate gathering
  • Optional walls which can be lit
  • Can serve as an additional space attached to the main marquee, for a bar/buffet or a stylish entrance porch as in the photo above


And lastly, here are a few things you’ll need to consider when opting for a marquee wedding:

  1. Heating – particularly in the evening when the sun goes down!
  2. Lighting – not just in the marquee itself, but you may need to consider the surrounding area, particularly if you’re in a field in the middle of nowhere!
  3. Electricity, toilets and potentially a water source
  4. Catering, catering facilities, refrigeration, freezers, a bar & bar services
  5. Logistics and access to the site, plus parking for guests and suppliers
  6. Linens, crockery, cutlery and glassware
  7. Furniture – tables for guests and the kitchen area plus chairs

Marquees can provide a beautiful backdrop for your dream wedding, but there’s a lot of added preparation involved in a marquee wedding, which is often
underestimated, so why not call in a pro! (That’s me!). Having a wedding planner to make sure all the preparation beforehand is done and that everything
on the day runs smoothly allows you to just sit back and enjoy your day – rightly so!

For advice, tips, a full complimentary consultation, or any other queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.
There are lots of great marquee styles and ideas on my Pinterest too, so head on over and take a look! In addition to that, check out podcast 1.2 where I talk about picking the perfect wedding venue – and whilst you’re there have a listen to my other podcasts,
designed to help you plan and prepare for your perfect day!

Happy planning!

Love, Zoë x