How To Plan A Beautiful Budget Wedding

Weddings are no doubt expensive things to organise and plan, but that doesn’t mean you have to put yourself in financial difficulty just to ensure everyone enjoys your special day – after all, you have to remember that this is you and your partner’s day first and foremost, so instead of trying to stretch yourself in order to make everyone else happy, then it’s important to think more about what you both actually want.

In this post, we’re giving you some tips for planning a beautiful wedding that can be achieved with pretty much any budget you’re working with.

Have a realistic guest list:

The guest list is often one of the biggest causes of family disagreements when it comes to planning a wedding, however, it can often be one of the biggest expenses since the majority of guests will be coming to the daytime segment of the wedding and you’ll be the one footing the bill for their dinner.

In this case, you need to be prepared to be firm with people. Pick a set number of guests that you can realistically afford and that you’re willing to pay for. If your parents are adamant that their work colleague you’ve never met or your aunt who you’ve not seen since you were five should be there, then you might have to tell them that they would need to pay for them, because it’s simply not within your budget and this is (after all) your wedding.

Ask for contributions instead of gifts:

Traditionally wedding gifts were given to the newlyweds that were of a practical nature and were used to help them set up their first home together. However, nowadays many couples have been living together for years before getting married and already have the things they need, so instead of asking for things that will just take more space in your home, ask for people to make a contribution to helping with your wedding. For example, do you have a sister who loves to bake? Ask if she’ll make your wedding cake, or do you have an uncle with good connections who could arrange a Seamless Chauffeur for your wedding car?

Get creative with your venue:

Getting married in hotels is pretty popular nowadays, but often they’re not the cheapest of locations when you look at everything on paper, and really they’re often pretty basic in terms of how they’re decorated for the weddings, so instead of opting for this, why not got for somewhere a bit more unique and that doesn’t cost as much to hire? Great examples of this are your parent’s backyard, a church or community hall that can be decorated by you, or even a public park.

Buy second hand:

After food and venue, clothing is one of the top wedding expenses, and since people only wear their wedding outfit for a few hours one day it really isn’t the most cost-effective thing to be buying for full price when you can get something pre-owned that’s in just as good condition and looks no different than something brand new. People will never even know if you don’t tell them, since most dresses and suits are professionally cleaned after use, so the only difference really is in the price.


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