Planning a Magical Winter Wedding

Most people plan a wedding for the summer when it comes time to taking that step in their relationship. They hope for sunshine, they picture their photos being taken on sunny days, they relish the idea of not needing to worry about rain, or being cold. They plan outdoor entertainment and they make the most of the good weather with BBQs, outdoor games, marquees and summery cocktails. It can all seem perfect…

But, it’s not for everyone, and in fact, more people are choosing to forgo tradition and host their wedding in the winter months. Summers are becoming much more unpredictable and there’s certainly no guarantee of nice weather whenever you chose to exchange your vows. So, why not embrace the winter weather? Instead of avoiding it, use it to your advantage to create a magical winter wonderland.

A winter wedding can be cosy, unique and magical. Many companies and venues offer cheaper deals over the colder months too, so it can end up being much less expensive. Whether you are hoping to get married in the next few months, or you’ve got a date in the next couple of winters in mind, here are some ideas to help you to plan your magical winter wedding.

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Pick a Theme

Just because your wedding is happening in winter, doesn’t mean that you are tied to a festive theme. Your winter wonderland doesn’t have to be traditional. You don’t have to have any festive elements at all if you don’t want to. You might want to add plenty of bling and sparkle to emphasise the icy temperature. Or, you might choose to add furs and textures to create a dream Forest. You might even want a more rustic approach with an old-fashioned barn, rustic wedding invitations and plenty of burlap and bunting.

Sit down with your partner and think about your theme as soon as you’ve set a date. This decision will affect all of the others, so it’s crucial that you make it first, to enable you to select the perfect venue and get the details right.

That said, you might not want a theme at all. You certainly don’t have to have one. You could choose things that you like, just because you like them, without always wondering if they fit in with your theme or not.

Add Some Colour

When it comes to a winter wedding, there’s always a lot of white and silver. Which is fine if that’s what you want. But, don’t be afraid of colour. Winter doesn’t have to mean white. Think of all of the colours of Christmas. It’s certainly not a monotone time of the year.

Add some subtle touches of colour to your centrepieces with fresh flowers or to the detail of your invitations and decorations. Or, add some bold splashes with your bridesmaids dresses.

Keep Warm

The most significant consideration of a winter wedding should always be warmth and comfort. Your ceremony itself might be inside where you are warm and protected from the elements. But, what about the rest of your day? A winter wedding doesn’t mean that you can’t embrace the outdoors, you’ll just have to think about it a little more.

A marquee with portable heaters can be a great option that lets you enjoy more space without worrying about rain and cold. If you want to get out into the great outdoors even more, consider adding a cover up to your outfit to keep your arms and shoulders warm. A faux fur or thick oversized scarf can be good options. You might also want to hide some wellies or warm boots under your dress if you are going to be walking outdoors. These can be a great feature in your photos if you let them.

While you are thinking about adding layers to your dress, don’t forget what goes underneath. Your underwear is your first line of defence against the cold. You might want sexy undies for your wedding night, but that doesn’t necessarily mean skimpy. Opt for high waisted knickers with a high denier stocking to give you some extra coverage.

Take Care of Your Guests

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Your own warmth shouldn’t be your only consideration. However you choose to add warmth to your outfit, consider complimentary outfits for the rest of your wedding party. A box of cheap wellies and umbrellas by the doors can give your other guests options if they want to get outdoors and throws or blankets on the back of chairs can be a cute addition to the day. Other ideas of how to keep your guests warm include:

– Gorgeous gloves. Personalised gloves can make excellent favours at a winter wedding.

– Transport. If your wedding and reception take place in different venues, make sure you provide heated transportation for the journey, even if it’s only short.

Hot Canapés. Warm food is a fantastic way to warm up. Don’t make your guests wait for the main meal, serve hot canapés as soon as you arrive at the reception venue, or even while photos are being taken.

– A Log Fire. If your venue offers you the chance for a roaring log fire, go for it.

– Hand Warmers. Put hand warmers on all of the tables to keep hands warm. You can even have them personalised for your wedding.

Keep the Hot Chocolate Flowing

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Instead of wine and juice on arrival, why not serve steaming mugs of hot chocolate? You could have flasks on the tables or an urn on the bar. You could even have a hot chocolate menu in the evening, adding Bailey’s and other firm favourites to give them a kick and keep everyone warm.

Get the Timing Right

The timing of your day is important at any time of the year. But more so when it’s cold. You won’t want your guests standing outside in the cold waiting for the next bit of your day to hurry up and arrive. An afternoon wedding can keep things compact and avoid any unnecessary waiting. Try to keep your guests warm and fed while you have your photos taken, or arrange for them to be inside while they wait!


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