Podcast Episode 1.4: Show-notes Styling Your Wedding (& my Love/Hate relationship with Pinterest)

In this episode, we discussed styling your wedding day and venue with my special guest Hanna Bousouf.

Hanna is an independent wedding planner like myself, but together we also run Serayah Bespoke Event Styling undertaking corporate and wedding
styling and high-end décor hire, so I knew she’d be the perfect person to help me in this episode.

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Selecting your theme

Brainstorm themes and get those ideas down on paper. Consider these topics to help you:

– Personalities/ shared and separate interests and hobbies

– Relationship history/your proposal story

– Jobs/children/pets

– What do you love most about your partner

– Favourite shops/brands/coffee shops/places to visit

– Countries/travel/perfect holiday type & destination

– Favourite place/where do you feel most happy?

– How would your friends describe you individually/as a couple?

– Your home décor/style & why is it important to you?

– Cherished items (things that are special to you both such as family heirlooms, pieces of furniture etc.)

– Current and past trends that you really like/dislike

– Colours/Scents/Flowers (your theme could be as simple as this)

– Any ideas or themes you’ve already considered

– Blogs (wedding and other types)

– Pinterest (again not just wedding related)

– Art

– Nature

– Restaurants

– Work related blogs

– Interior design

– Fashion

– Architecture


NB. Pinterest is a fab source of inspiration, and in many, many ways we absolutely love, love, love it!!! BUT you do need to tread carefully with Pinterest and be very aware that often you just can’t buy or hire particular items in the UK, as many of the images are from the US where it is considerably easier to source products, looks, venue styles etc. etc. etc.  As a result, brides can often become completely despondent when searching for something to create their perfect ‘look’ only to discover they just can’t hire or buy it!

I have a whole blog post just dedicated to why I do AND DON’T love Pinterest, if you want to take a look here.


Identify the key must-have elements to your theme and use those as your focal point

1) Identify the ideas that jump out and excite you

2) Find recurring themes and anything that you’ve got your heart set on that you just have to include or can’t imagine not including in your day.

3) Be ruthless and work out whether it fits with your thoughts and ideas. If not, discard it no matter how gorgeous it is or how much you love it. Keep focusing back on the theme in your mind’s eye.

4) Maintain a consistent theme, as eclectic, randomness is very hard to get right and risks being a mis-match.


Pulling Your Theme Together

1) Keep a box to put things in – a flower, some fabric, swatches of colour that fit with your theme

2) Create a mood-board – online, Pinterest or on a big piece of card and be aware of your wedding season as this will affect colours, availability of flowers and costs, plus availability of suppliers to achieve what you want.


Sourcing items to create your theme

1) Identify what you can buy or hire (consider availability in the UK (back to the Pinterest rant above 😉 ) & in your particular area of the country as some places cost more to deliver than others) .

Do you want to consider making decorations/stationery? Be realistic with yourself, your time and your DIY skills.  Don’t embark on a project you can’t finish or waste money on lots of materials and end up having to buy something professionally made when your version doesn’t end up as expected!

2) Create a clear explanation of your style first and then take that and your mood board with you, when you visit hiring companies, florists or whomever you plan to use, to ensure that they all understand exactly what you want to create.


Don’t forget…

You’ve budgeted for your styling, so don’t go too mad and risk over-spending.

Your theme has to flow throughout the day. Guests need to see that there is continuity throughout the whole day, particularly if you are using more than one venue.


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