The Icing on the Cake: Series 2 Episode 20 – Why Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

Hello and welcome to Episode 20 of The Icing on the Cake – the podcast helping to inspire you, to have the perfect wedding day.  This episode, we’re joined by Bernadette Chapman from Dream Occasions to talk about wedding planners – and whether or not it’s a good investment to get one.

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Why do I need a wedding planner? If I had a pound for every time that I’ve been asked that question, then I wouldn’t need to be a wedding planner. There’s no doubt it’s a leap of faith. You can quantify the wedding cake your cake maker will provide, you’ll have your photos forever and a day, but what tangible results are you going to get from paying out in advance for a wedding planner?

Bernadette Chapman owns the wedding planning company – Dream Occasions and also jointly founded and runs the UKAWP (The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners), created to promote professionalism in the wedding planning industry.

So, wedding planner to wedding planner, Bernadette and I took to Skype to discuss how wedding planning has changed over the last 15 years…

Interview Bernadette Chapman


This week’s question comes from Alex who needs some help when it comes to deciding who to ask to give a speech and how many speeches is too many!

Alex’s question

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