The Icing on the Cake: Series 2 Episode 21 – Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

Hello and welcome to Episode 21 of The Icing on the Cake – the podcast helping to inspire you, to have the perfect wedding day.

Right, have we got the dress?
Your suit?
Fabulous shoes?
Your passport?
Ooh, and a Bucket and spade?
Excellent! We’re off to get married abroad!

Yup, this episode, we’re grabbing our passport, sunhat and heading for the beach with Trish Griffiths from Travel Counsellors, as we talk destination weddings, honeymoons and stag and hen-dos.

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It’s stressful this planning a wedding thing, hey?! Full on. It consumes every hour of your day. I mean, look at you now. A few months ago, you were listening to Spotify at this time of the day, now you’re listening to me!

Perhaps the venue is chasing you for your menu choices. Maybe, you’re still waiting for a dozen or so guests to confirm. Maybe your mum and dad are still trying to persuade you to invite another one of their friends you don’t actually know….

There will, no doubt, come a moment in this wedding planning process where you and your future husband or wife will look at each other and go, “shall we just elope?”

Maybe, this isn’t your first time, and you and your partner have no desire to spend thousands on a big white wedding in this country.

If this is you, you need someone like Trish Griffiths who works for Travel Counsellors.  She has been a travel adviser for nearly 12 years, booking hundreds of destination weddings, honeymoons, even stag and hen do’s. Her job involves the tricky task of knowing the world’s most luxurious destinations inside and out…

Interview Trish Griffiths


This week’s question comes from Danielle who wants some advice on budgeting for her wedding and what she should prioritise her spending on!

Danielle’s question

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