The Icing on the Cake: Series 2 Episode 22 – 10 Top Tips To Planning Your Wedding

Hi there and welcome to Episode 22 of The Icing on the Cake – the podcast helping to inspire you, to have the perfect wedding day.

And it’s the very last episode of this series!!! So today, I’m going to be sharing my 10 Top Tips to planning your wedding.

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Every so often, I am asked to present to couples at wedding showcase events and share with them my top tips to help them to plan their wedding day.

My fabulous producer Steve, was on hand to record me in full flow at St. David’s Hotel and Spa towards the end of last year! And so here you go…

There are 3 key stages when it comes to planning your wedding:

What you want your day to look like:

1) What sort of day do you want?

2) How much money is it going to cost you?

3) Creating a theme

Who’s going to help you do it?

4) Sort out your suppliers – list of key questions (especially photographer & planner)  Prioritise: the photographer, florist, cake, dress

 The details

5) Keep an emergency fund

6) Wedding Insurance

7) Making the most of your budget

8) Traditions

9) Social Media

10) Don’t forget, it’s about you!

This week’s question comes from Emma who has asked for help when it comes to booking entertainment for her upcoming wedding:

Emma’s question

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Thanks so much to listening in this series, we’ll be back towards the end of the year (once wedding season is over)!!!

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Image courtesy of Rachel Lambert Photography