Wedding Reception Decor Ideas for Winter

Not everyone loves the idea of a summer celebration… During the colder months, a wedding can be an extra magical event, something of a fairytale with snowy scenes and regal décor.

Here are a few ideas for decorating a reception for your winter wedding.  Some are simple and traditional; some are a little more festive: but all of them are stunning.

Let’s start off simple and think about a tradition reception set up for your wedding. This will include tables and chairs covered with soft ribbons and fabrics in deep, warm colours, the room decorated minimally with lots of flowers and candles scattered around and of course some stunning centrepieces made up of intricate candlesticks and gems. For a classic wedding style, this is always a winner.

Image by Oliver & Ruth Photography

Nature themed
Although we tend to think of nature as more of a summer thing, during the autumn and winter beautiful woodland themes can work fabulously for your big day. Woodland animals such as deer decorations, can really make it feel magical. You can buy animal-themed accessories from so many stores and even ask your venue to decorate their Christmas tree in a natural colour scheme for a woodland feel (many will try to cater for this around Christmas if you are realistic in your requirements anc colour scheme). Centrepieces could consist of simple twig trees with hanging lanterns and flowers can be mixed in with winter berries in surrounding bouquets.

Image by Oliver & Ruth Photography

Simple, neutral colours
Winter is a time where we often see two distinct colour schemes: winter white or Christmas colours (navy blues and dark reds). If you want to keep your wedding simple and classy, you could select a scheme consisting of various shades of white and beige, as well as sky blue and some silver for embellishments. The main perk of this colour scheme is that the light colours will make the space feel much brighter, crisper and more spacious than it is, particularly if the venue has quite a heavy backdrop.

Image by Oliver & Ruth Photography

Festive fun
If white isn’t really your thing and you fancy adding a touch of festive cheer to your nuptials, why not opt for a more colourful theme and go all out, turning your reception venue into a Santa’s grotto (perfect if you have lots of children included in your wedding day!). Light some cookie scented candles to make the space smell sweet; bring in some fairy lights and Poinsettias for occasional tables and of course have a tree decorated with colourful lights and baubles. You can even ask people to write a message onto tree decorations and hang them on the tree for a festively themed guest book.

Image by Oliver & Ruth Photography

Classic Christmas Party
If you fancy a classic Christmas party, you can definitely create your own! Think Christmas trees, mistletoe and lots of fairy lights. Add a touch of class with candles on the tables and some mini trees with beautiful glass ornaments for your centrepieces. Make sure the bar offers a range of spiced seasonal cocktails, beers and warming mulled wines and ciders and bring out the karaoke and a fab selection of stage lights to create the atmosphere and keep your guests entertained long into the evening. It doesn’t need to be complicated or too expensive, just fun!

Image by Oliver & Ruth Photography

Magical atmosphere
If you are a big Harry Potter fan and you want to make your winter wedding feel a little more magical, take inspiration from the Great Hall in Hogwarts.  You can display candles in tall candlesticks or candelabras for a soft, romantic light; set up long tables for your guests to sit at; and for an extra touch of fun, ask your caterers to serve Butterbeer to your guests!

Winter Wonderland
If winter for you is all about the snow, then there is no reason why you can’t create a stunning snowy themed reception hall for your family and friends. Create or buy some snowflake decorations to hang from the ceiling and for the tables. Why not consider a snow machine or glittery confetti canons during your first dance and the evening party to set the mood?  And of course, you can never go wrong with lots of twinkling white fairy lights around the room to really give you that snowy winter feel.

Image by Sian Owen Photography

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