Wedding Trends of 2018

The wedding industry is one of the largest industries in the world and its trends are always growing and shifting. While there are certain classics that are always going to stick around – dusky pink in the colour scheme, white roses in the bouquet – there are also trends that only crop up for a brief period of time (though in the case of puffy taffeta dresses this may come as a relief).

Some of the biggest trends of 2017 were rustic and woodland themed weddings. In 2018 these themes are still predicted to be big influences on the wedding world but, interestingly, wedding trends seem to be shifting into more modern or industrial styles. The blending of these two contradictory themes has the effect of creating stunning, bohemian weddings in an incredible vintage-modern style.

To keep you up to date, we at The Wedding Secret have come up with some of the most popular predicted trends of 2018 – so check them out below!

The Venue

Whereas 2017’s weddings were all about the wilderness – with a surge of outdoor weddings taking place in gardens, grounds and woodlands – in 2018 we’re moving back indoors. This move may be caused more by practical matters than aesthetic ones, after all Britain doesn’t exactly have a reputation for stellar weather.

Still, 2018’s brides seem to be of the opinion that, if they can’t go outdoors, they’ll have outdoors come to them. This can be seen in some of 2018’s most popular venue choices – industrial buildings with lots of natural light, airy lofts with skylights and even luxury marquees with a roof made entirely from glass.

The best thing about all these venues is that they tend to be places that are very DIY friendly. Blank canvas venues are taking off in popularity as brides jump at the chance to design and style their own wedding. With a loft, converted warehouse or even marquee you have plenty of space to let your imagination run wild.

The Décor

Purple has been named Pantone’s colour of the year (specifically their bold Ultra Violet shade) so watch out for a lot of that coming up in the future. Another recent favourite is metallics, specifically copper, though silver and platinum are holding their own.

In keeping with the vintage-modern theme of 2018 popular decorations feature a blending of sharp lines, wild foliage and antique vases. Marble accents, living plants and varying styles of glassware are also particularly popular. Copper geometric shapes can double as fantastic plant holders and, with hanging flowers being another trend that is predicted to take off, they’re easy to string up.

Why not experiment with different levels of vintage and modern to stylise your venue? Try out a mix of wooden and marble accents or mix bright splashes of purple with more delicate, neutral shades for a wedding experience that is both unique and on trend.

The Dress

Of course one of the major things that you’ll want to sort out is the wedding dress. Most of the wedding dresses of 2018 have a whimsical style with many brides favouring something more free-flowing and casual.

Some trends that were picked up on the wedding catwalk have been the use of 3D flowers as decoration for the simpler styled dress, as well as a resurgence in the popularity of pearls. One of the most interesting wedding fashion trends of 2018 is the use of colour in the dress, particularly the use of black accents to give the whole outfit a dramatic, stunning effect.

Another interesting fashion trend is replacing the traditional wedding veil with a cape. Not only does this quirky choice fit in perfectly with the 2018 style, it also frees up the bride to choose the hairstyle she loves without having to worry about a veil ruining it.

The Flowers

In 2017 the classic bouquet arrangement became filled with delicate, seasonal wildflowers. In 2018 this love of wilder styles continues, with leafy foliage replacing the wildflower as the wedding’s centrepiece.

Many bouquets this year will be seeing the re-emergence of baby’s breath and even the use of some less common plants such as dogwood. Eucalyptus, grasses and ferny leaves should all start making an appearance in these wilder, more natural bouquets. Of course, with purple 2018’s colour of choice you should also keep an eye out for deeply coloured blooms of heather, aster, sweet pea and lavender.

The Cake

2018 is the year in which your wedding cake becomes a key part of your table décor. Artistic wedding cakes are all the rage and with a gorgeous tiered creation there is no need for a centrepiece display. Some people are even choosing to make a show of it, displaying levelled stands with five or six intricately designed wedding cakes, instead of multiple tiers on one cake.

Marbled icing and metallics are also popular in the cake world as are 3D geometric shapes but the cake that really exemplifies 2018’s vintage-modern style is the semi-naked. The naked cake took off as the cake for rustic inspired weddings. With 2018’s blending of rustic/industrial and vintage/modern the ‘rustic’ cake needed an upgrade. The semi-naked wedding cake keeps the natural feel – gained from being able to see the cake itself – while the thin layer of buttercream sharpens its lines into something more modern.

Of course, in 2018 not everyone is opting for a wedding cake, or at the very least, aren’t opting for a just a wedding cake. Dessert tables may have been popularised in 2017 but 2018 is when people get creative with them. Rather than the standard cupcakes, cake-pops and macaroons, people are opting for quirky and original options like a dozen different flavoured cheesecakes or a doughnut wall.

The best thing about a newer trend is that you have the chance to come up with something really great and original before anyone else can think of it!

These are just some of the trends that industry experts have noticed or predicted for 2018 weddings, so make sure to do your research before you decide on anything. Of course, the main thing to remember is to make sure that you’re picking the perfect choices for you! No matter how trendy it is, if you’re not sold on purple there’s simply no point in having it at your wedding.

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